There are thousands of electric guitars on the market which makes it difficult to pin point "the best guitar" As a musician I want to give you my honest 2 choices based on my personal experience playing both of them, plus the consistently positive reviews about them.

Best Beginner Guitar goes to... Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Series HSS Deluxe Electric Guitar.

At only $180 this amazing looking guitar out-performs any budget electric guitar. The guitar produces high quality tones when it is plugged into most of the amps; The guitar also has an excellent finish. It is well built with a very solid hardware; The agathis body is countered in such a manner so as to provide you extreme comfort while playing.

Best Pro Guitar goes to... Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar.

At such a hefty price, you won't be surprised that the finish of this guitar is so good that it will be difficult to point out even a minor flaw. The mahogany offers the guitar superior resonance qualities and an excellent resonance. It also gives the guitar a warm, round, and rich tone along with a high end sheen. The Gibson Les Paul Studio is amazingly durable and will last for many years without any significant wear and tear to it. You needn't spend much of your money and time on maintaining this guitar in proper condition and you can play your music as long as you want.

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What do you consider the best beginner and pro guitar?
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