More so a post for people into modern metal and post. I made this clip for the sole purpose of trying to improve my mixes. My monitors are garbage and my space is even worse so it's hard trying to have decent mixes. Either way, I just wanted you guys comments and ideas. Or what needs to be changed. I'll do C4C if you need it.

Sounds pretty good except the lead guitar which sounds muffled and doesnt seem to stand out well, try adding some mids mabey? not sure but it sounds weak in comparison to everything else
Tried this through three sets of speakers.

This is really well done. I especially love the stereo spread. Everything seems to have its own space. It's very hard to critique this as there is very little you can do to improve this besides mastering through some expensive outboard gear.

You could boost the volume of the cymbals by a db or two. They sound great on my studio headphones but they seem a bit soft from my laptop and an old pair of speakers. I feel like this may even be just a personal preference of mine- It's not like they're inaudible, but they lose presence through lower quality speakers.

I might also consider adding some sidechain compression to that synth and link it to the (lead?) guitar. Whichever falls closest within the synth's frequency range. Some very subtle compression could give the guitars a touch more dynamic range in your mastering chain and add a bit of headroom to your mix.

Oh, and that snare is WONDERFUL!

Anyway, keep in mind that these suggestions are coming from someone who is also listening in a terrible room, but I'm sure you can appreciate an extra set of ears. Overall, your mix sounds very professional. I'd say A/B this against a mix you really like and see what (if any) elements you can change.