So, I have been doing song-writing for about six months, and nothing is really "finished" like something I'd be proud to share on SoundCloud. Part of this is that I've had a tough time learning home recording, as I'm a total noob at it, but I've got the basics of Reaper down and could probably do this with some real focus / dedication to just one song. That's where I seem to be having a problem.

I keep jumping from song to song, doing a bit on each before I seem to lose my mojo for that song, get bored with it, jump to one of the other songs I've been developing. Then shortly that happens with that song, and I jump again. When I only had 3-4 songs in development, I was still making progress. But, to worsen the issue, I find myself noodling and suddenly I come up with something brand new that I really want to develop into a song.

Now I've got like 12 songs in development, at various stages.

Some songs have chord progression, lyrics, melody, and simple beat worked out. But I need to record polished versions, figure out what I'm going to do about instrumentation (what combination of electric / acoustic / synth options --which are endless -- / effects), sequencing (intro, outro, where an instrumental might fit), and figuring out how I want to vary the percussion (so it's not just an identical beat sequence for each measure), and getting polished sections of each part recorded and then doing the cutting / pasting / tweaking. I don't write music, so I'm still trying to figure out a good way to write down / organize my thoughts on paper as to all this stuff.

Some songs have just a chord progression I love (or a few related progressions for verse, chorus, bridge/interlude). Some have a progression, plus a melody or riff that I love with it, but need lyrics and percussion.

They all need a bass line, though I'm not good at bass and plan most likely to just pluck out the root note of each chord as a starting bass line, or maybe noodle out a bass line on keyboard (which I'm not much better at than bass guitar).

Anyway, I've not noticed the inescapable fact that I do a smidgeon on a song, then get bored, move to another song, do a bit, get bored, move to another song. Part of me really wants to figure out how to shift my mental state, so I can just stay focused on one song and get it to a finished / polished state. This, to me, is critical for me to really get a sense for how I am doing as a song-writer. I feel like if I can do that, and play that finished song for friends / family, they will see that song-writing is something I can really do well and maybe make a living at, instead of right now them thinking it's a hobby / pipe dream I waste too much time / money on.

Anyone else battle this tendency to jump from unfinished song to unfinished song, or know a good way to overcome it?

I THINK I Have 200 plus unfinished songs..but when u get an idea you have write it down no matter how short or long.you can allways go back and finish it cant u? song writers like dylan changed lyrics as the years or on different recordings .......longer versions, ect. I think it took jimi hendrix 7years to finish...Hey baby (new rising sun)
Yeah, I keep changing lyrics to the song I have MOST completed. The lyrics have to feel honest, and I find myself transforming over time. What seemed important to write a song about six months ago is, today, not so much. But I'm more interested in nailing down the instrumental parts into a solid, finished track.

Well, good to know I'm not alone.

I do the same thing. I write and rewrite and rewrite stuff over and over. I've picked up some stuff from a decade or more ago and rewrote it. I have one song I wrote for an ex g/f, which I have rewritten every time I end up in a relationship. :P Another I gutted and combined with a different song along the same topic, and made a single, fairly decent one out of it (IMO of course)... and never finished the music.

There just comes a point where you have to look at a lyric or piece of music and decide that you are happy with where you are with it. I barely have enough to fill an album should I decide to record one. This is after 17 years of writing.

I probably have at least 200 incomplete songs, not counting the lone choruses or verses or lines or riffs or whatever which get scattered through my notebooks and forgotten.
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