I like to think I'm quite a good guitarist - I'm very solid rhythmically and have a good ear for music - but my weakness with maneuvering my little finger is killing me at the mo.

I'm heavily into country and rock 'n' roll which of course draws from the blues progressions. I find it pretty much impossible to lay down the 'power chord rhythm'.

For example, in the key of A, using the little finger to play a 9th fret note on the A string every other beat as part of the A power chord. (Best way I can describe, I'm sure you know what I mean! Listen to the rhythm backing for a track like 'Roll Over Beethoven'!)

What can I do? I do practise relentlessly, btw. Can't help but feel I'm limited by having one of those weird bent pinky fingers!
In all probability your answer is in this video:


However, without seeing you play it's impossible to tell with any certainty what is actually the issue.
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Also do pinky exercises with a metronome.