Hey all

My first collab is uploaded! I hope you guys enjoy it. It's a very easy song to play, so a good song to start a collab.

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Guitar & Bass Cover) - Metallica

Critic 4 Critic, so go ahead I hope my gain is enough now! Last time people complained I didn't have enough gain xD

Anyway I got a new audio interface so the audio is much better this time.

If you want to collab once, you can always PM me on youtube

Channel of the Bassist

Take a look at his channel, he has some amazing covers!
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sounds good! may want to work on the levels a little but other than than great playing!

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Hey thx Though what do you mean with the levels? :\ You mean the sound of the guitar/bass/song itself?
the song as a whole. If you equalize everything just a little lower it would sound more like the real thing and less like you playing over a backing track. Not a big deal at all the playing is great! just a little feedback.

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****ing awesome song. One of my favourite's from Metallica. Your tone is significantly better than your Fade to Black cover.
As for the playing i THINK the main lick is downpicked but i could be wrong. I feel like your playing could use some more attack from your picking hand but either way i think it's an improvement from the playing in Fade to Black.
Keep practicing your soloing and you'll improve aswell. Good effort overall

What'd you change with your recording gear just out of curiosity?
Thx! I really spent alot of time experimenting with different tones, this one seemed best to me. I'm glad you liked it.

About the downpicking, I downpicked everything except the little solo thingies. Downpicking or alternate picking solo's doesn't really matter, you'll get the same sound, though I rather alternate pick solo's, because with alternate picking you have better rhythm in my opinion.

I don't honestly know what a 'lick' is sorry xD Not the best in English. But if you mean the first little solo thing at the beginning, then yes normally people downpick it, but like I said, it's just more trouble for the same sound Just like Master of Puppets, they downpick because it looks cooler, though you can just alternate pick. I do downpick Master of Puppets though, like I said it looks cooler

Uhm, I recorded my audio with M-AUDIO fasttrack, about 60 Euro's. It does the job But this meant I had to record audio and video separately, meaning sometimes the video wasn't in sync You probably think: Well, make it in sync?! But my PC isn't very good, the CPU usage while making this cover was between 90-100% the whole time, meaning the preview was lagging badly, I think I need a new PC ;p

The video is still recorded with an iPhone

If you are wondering how I got the tone through the Fasttrack:

I plug my Guitar (Ibanez Premium 870qmz) into the CUBE 40XL amplifier, and then plug the amp into the fasttrack. I then can choose my tone easily with the knobs on my amp (so no audio software fake amp tone stuff ;p) I recorded using the standard Sound Recorder on the computer ^^


BTW, did you get to the end? In the song you can hear a distant guitar making some noise, I had no idea what he was playing, so I just listened to what key he was in, and improvised a bit But is it good and in the right key? It's basically the first time I improvised :p
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Actually downpicking has quite a distinct different sound to alternate picking. Once your ear is trained enough you can almost always distinguish downpicking from alternate picking.
Also i couldn't really hear your improv at all at the end sorry. Improvising is always good though, even if it's structured improvising, and by that i mean... play along to a song for instance, and keep improvising on a section over and over and gradually build up your own little solo kind of backing track. That's basically writing your own music though haha. But still good for practicing your improv.
Hmm I'll keep that in mind next time, I'll downpick the downpick parts then ;p I really thought it would be the same, because you are hitting the same strings one by one anyway.

And my little improv, the weird little squeals at the end xD Nvm ;p I am going to be practicing my improv capabilities though the next months. It's good to be able to do it ^^
thx I'll try and level it better next time, and I'll make sure I'll downpick the downpicking parts!
Looks good to me levels are a bit unbalanced through my speakers, but might be fine with you for all that i know.

yell out if you want a collab-partner, I do guitar,bass, and sometimes vocals depending on the tune Cheers!
Thx man I don't mind collabing again, I got a few songs in mind. Add me on youtube or msg me on youtube then I'll give you my skype