Rule #1: READ THE RULES. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse….
This includes the rules of UG as well the bass forum. See:


Rule #2: Respect. Have it.

Respect your fellow bass forum members. Yes, the bass forum members are a fun and sometimes impertinent bunch (particularly the regulars). If a regular knocks or pokes fun at a regular) the warnings will not ensue, because no harm has been intended.

However, thou shalt respect your fellow bass player and his/her particular opinions on players, gear and other assorted bass like things. Don’t call them an idiot or question their particular sexual orientation. Don’t make racist remarks because they like a certain distortion pedal. You will be warned or banned.

And as in the rest of UG, racist, sexist and other types of inflammatory comments won't be tolerated, and you will be warned and most likely, banned.

Rule #3: Search before you make a new thread.

Read the FAQ. Read the FAQ. Read the FAQ. Understand? And for the love all that is the low end DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN USE A GUITAR AMP WITH YOUR BASS!!!

Blatant disregard of this rule will result in your thread being closed and you will be pointed back to the search bar.

Rule #4: Do not necropost or “bump” dead threads.

What is necroposting, you may ask. It’s the resurrection of a thread that is months to years old that has lost any sense of relevance. Good example? A thread from two years ago where someone asked about suggestions for a good metal bass and you feel compelled to comment so long after the original post, that it’s irrelevant to the thread starter’s original purchase decision. Yes, I think after two years the poor guy has made an informed decision and doesn’t need your input. The thread will be closed and if you make a habit of doing this, you will get a warning. Want to raise the dead? Find some place other than the bass forum to practice you skills.

Rule #5: No multiple threads

Simple, do not start more than one thread on the same subject. And if someone has opened up a thread recently on your subject, post there, please.

Rule #6: Absolutely NO spam.

Now now... what is the definition of spam, you say?
If you add absolutely nothing to the conversation, at all, then, badabing! Spam. If it happens multiple times, you will be warned. You get one warning before you suffer your first ban.

Now, that's not to say you absolutely must add to the conversation. If you have a thought, don't say "yeah". Say "yes, I agree with this because of [reason a] and [reason b], although I don't fully agree with your point on [reason c]”. Don't just say a one word reply. Really. It's spam. Really.

Rule #7: Arguments and debates will be allowed by all means.

As long as in no way are they personal battles. No “your band sucks”. No “you suck at bass”. No “you are a stupid s**t and you don’t know what you are talking about”. See rule #2.

Rule #8: No advertising.

You are free to advertise your band or other musical projects in your signature. You are not allowed to use your signature to advertise other businesses, get rich quick schemes or other spam spam websites.

Do not post a thread advertising your gear sale on eBay, the lesson web page you have just started, or your band’s myspace. Want to sell your gear on UG? There’s a forum for that—and check out that forum’s rules before you post.

On band adverts… If it is just a pinup for your band, we will move it to the correct forum. The mods strongly suggest you just start your post there to avoid any issues.

Rule #9: No double posting.

There are exceptions here of course. If you have a thread that you last posted in a few weeks back, and you have new info to update, then yes, this is legitimate and better than opening up a “new thread”. This is a legitimate “bump” or revival of a thread.

When you double quote post, I will not warn you. But I'll tell you to please try to single post- you can copy and paste one quote into another reply. I do it all the time. It's how you SHOULD do it, but because some consider the extra 10 seconds a "hassle" I'm not going to be an uptight bitch about it, but you will get a gentle reminder not to do this.

But when you do an "oh and I forgot" post. Guess what? That's a rule breaker. I'll delete your 2nd reply, and I may or may not be moving it into your first (depends on the quality of the 2nd post). Yes, we can do this, we’re mods.


The rule still remains. I will lock or delete these and warn you.

This includes the ever annoying "picks or/vs fingers" threads. You're bass players--stop arguing about this.

Rule # 11: No trolling.

Trolling is when you post a thread designed to piss people off- example, "I tried playing bass and yah it really iz ezer."

Yeah, sorry, but, no, I won't tolerate that, jerk guitarist man. That's a warning. The guitar forum is back over there. Get your warning and leave.

Rule #12: Don't post videos just to post them.

Yes, this rule has been indigenous solely to the bass forum for some time. But as Dan once said, viola, the Bass Forum is always a better forum.

Post a video of Les Claypool in a Primus thread? A video of your tapping technique to ask for some critique? This is OK. But a video thread with the title “SICK BASS SOLO!!” Not OK.

The only exception is this thread. If you have something to share post it here:


Rule 13: Don’t start or post in a thread and whine about any thread movings, closings, warnings, or bannings.

When you get warned, a thread gets closed, or anything else, you can PM any of the mods, or make a post in the suggestions forum. I and the other mods on the bass forum are more than willing to explain why we did what we did. We like people to be active and understand the rules of UG. And it may be a shock to you, but we do try to be reasonable.

However, you will not call me or any other mod a Nazi. You will not start an online revolution. You will not protest. We mods at UG have been ruled worthy of the situation. Insulting a mod - ANY MOD - could result in a warning and depending on the severity, a ban.

Rule #14: Absolutely no porn.

…even if it is a picture of Mr. Eddie Vedder holding an Urge II bass with Trent Reznor at a nudist camp. (though that would make someone in the mod group happy, its still against the rules)

Rule #15:
NO ELIMINATION THREADS. For the love of James Jamerson, no.

Any doubt on whether something’s on topic or not? Remember:
Bass Guitar - A forum for questions and discussion specific to bass guitar.

Use your judgment and we’ll use ours…

As your mod I will use the following guidelines.

I am not afraid to close threads.
I am not afraid of giving warnings.
I am not afraid of banning, but will do so as a last resort or only as appropriate.
I am not afraid of telling you when you are out of line or editing your threads to put you back in line.
I will never edit your post to say something funny and make you look stupid.
I will not use my powers for evil.
I will support you and your questions and take your serious suggestions, well seriously.

And you, the forum member, we ask that you take the following recommendations to heart:

You will try to use some semblance of grammar, especially the occasional use of punctuation. It makes your posts easier to read and you’re more likely to get responses and respect from your fellow bass players on the forum.

You will try to only comment on basses, gear, strings etc that you actually have some experience and info to share about.

You will read the FAQ. Many people put significant time and effort into creating that document and it covers quite a bit of ground.

If you are new, attacking or taking on a “regular” is a good way to make the wrong start in the bass forum neighborhood. And if you’ve been around a while, then taking on an n00b isn’t cool either. Go back and read your first thread / post. We were all there once.

Remember—you are a bass player and by default are already a better person. Cheers!