Hey Everyone,

I'm new to singing and i'm trying to improve. I've been singing in a college choir for three months and that's my only singing experience. I will be taking voice lessons this summer, but I was wondering if you guys could listen and tell me if theres anything you hear that I could fix or work on before my lessons. Thanks!

http://vocaroo. com/i/s0EfHU8BY4eC (remove space)
To be honest, for someone with little singing experience it's ok. Compared to people who've been doing it for years it's shit... BUT.. everyone starts somewhere.

You just need to develop your voice a lot more. I'm thinking in the choir you're probably louder and projecting more.

You're definitely not tone deaf but you need to project a lot louder and work on your sustain. I've heard much much worse though. Take those lessons and you should improve greatly.
Listened to it again.

You definitely have potential though man, just keep practicing and you'll get better.
Thank you for your honest evaluation. I know i'm bad, but we all have to start somewhere. Any exercises or anything like that you would recommend or just sing along to things?
I think I might have been a tad bit of a dramatic dick to you saying it was shit. I forgot about the "Worst American Idol Auditions" lol that you can still sadly find on Youtube.

So if I compare you to those people as well you suddenly shine a lot lot brighter. I was comparing you from your current amount of time to people who had been doing it for years and years when I said that BUT for someone just starting, it's fine. Not good, but fine.

You could be good though. You have a pleasant tone of voice.

I'm no Steven Tyler or vocal coach by any means myself but what I did to develop loud and strong projection (even if it doesn't always sound its best) was to just gradually find different things to sing, start softly like you did and practice them louder and louder while trying not to go out of tune. Eventually you'll get it. Other people's critique (who are at least somewhat knowledgeable about singing) will help too.

The vocals lessons will be the best for you. Also try singing in different octaves, some stuff deep, some stuff light and find where and when you can push your voice most powerfully but naturally from. For me it's deep even though I like the sound of my light voice better. You'll find it.

At least you're not ugly tone deaf William Hung!

I recorded myself for the first time(just started out recently like you) and this is exactly what I heard... I was thinking how much tone and inflection is missing from what I heard in my head vs what was coming out of my mouth. I've just been practicing singing along and have started to learn my key and such. Its just practice, like everything else. Sing a song thats in key with your voice, since I play guitar it was easy for me to find a natural key for my voice. Then I started singing without the music til I thought I had done a satisfactory job and recorded again... like night and day difference! Practice with the song, in a key for your voice(makes it easier to start to learn when in an easy key for your voice) and then practice without the song a couple of times, then hit record. Also, since I am beginning like you, I find singing the same song more than three times back to back fatigues my voice. So, practice in two's or three's, but recognise fatigue setting in and just quit because its counter productive. Or sing a different song altogether but I just quit. I practice a song or two until I get good enough at them that I can start experimenting. I'm getting better, just listening to my own recordings and judging myself. Just a tad bit of info from a noob beginner like yourself.
Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff here that needs work.

You're pretty pitchy, which means you need to work on your ear.

You're pretty breathy, which suggests an overall lack of technique.

You're not consistent, which suggests that you're not in command of your instrument.

Your teacher should be able to help you will all of this. Good luck.