Hi all! I'm a 36 year old drummer and I've had an incredible urge the past 2 years to learn guitar. I finally got the courage to break down and buy a guitar 3 days ago. I was 14 when my father bought me my first drum set. Now I'm absolutely nervous to be a beginner all over again at 36 years old. Drums kinda came natural to me, guitar not so much. I signed up for lessons starting a week from now. I can play power chord black sabbath riffs and I taught myself the chords ( very shotty ) to pink floyd wish you were here from you tube. I have between 1 to 2 hours a day to invest in my learning. Any pointers/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

The most important thing for me the past two years that I've been playing guitar, is that you need to enjoy the learning process as much as its results. I hope that makes sense. And 1 to 2 hours a day is perfect, with a little bit of dedication and a little bit of fun you will get there.
Funny I have been playing Guitar since I was thirteen now 27 and I have been having the urge to start learning to drum! I don't have enough drummer friends to jam with so I have been thinking hell I should just get a kit and drum, plus it would give me a fairly legit reason to purchase a kit! Don't worry though taking up guitar is daunting but if you have the patience to stick with it, its honestly not that hard, most people just can't make it past the fact they wont be playing full songs on day one like Guitar Hero!
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I would just like to come by and say it's insanely refreshing and awesome to see a beginner that's not an irritating teenager, but rather, well, an adult like yourself.

Try to focus first on having fun while playing guitar, you want to get that natural craving (like being hungry or whatever) of picking up a guitar and jamming some riffs as soon as possible. Mostly because after that it won't be a chore to practice and learn the hard stuff anymore.

I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you'll soon find out how much your drumming will help your guitar playing in ways you might not expect.

Don't rush it, enjoy it.
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Rock on y'all!

Thanks for the advice/responses! I have another question regarding gear.
I remember when I started playing drums I got a beginner drum set, a CB 700.
After about 2 months I grew out of it and I was stuck playing a drum set that literally used to fall apart on me while practicing for 5 years. Due to a miserable playing experience I opted to play Nintendo instead of practicing pretty often.
So for this venture I did some research and "played around with different guitars and chose an Epiphone Les Paul standard pro. It felt real nice, nice action from what I can tell, sounded great to my drummer ear, and looks cool. I know right now obviously it's way far beyond my level, but is that a guitar I can enjoy playing and gigging with for years to come? I'm not a gear snob, my favorite drum set I've owned to date is a mid range Indonesian made Yamaha. My guitar player in my band said it was the last guitar I will need to buy when he checked it out, but he is like me and loves his mid range Mexican strat and his ibanez he's had for years.
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