So I played guitar for a few years but I never really picked it up and wasn't very motivated so I stopped. That was about 6 years ago but I recently picked it up again about 6 - months ago just learning via the internet and I've learnt more in this time than I did in 4 years 6 years ago.

I only had my cheap crappy $200 electric stashed away in the cupboard and I wanted to play acoutistic so I went and bought a cheap $300 yamaha acoustic (F310P).

Now, I'd like to invest a bit more on a half decent acoustic for around AU $600 - $800. After reading up a bit, I've come to the conclusion i'm only interested in all solid wood guitars. So that cuts down the list a fair bit. What I've come up with so far:

- Blueridge BR-163A ($850 Negotiable) (only if I can get the price down a fair bit)
- Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500 ($650)
- Maton M225c ($590 Neg) or Maton M225 ($650)
- Ibanez aw250ece ($629) not really sure if this is all solid wood or not.

What would be you're oppinions on these guitars? or if you have any other suggestions please do share them

of the ones you list, i like the masterbilt and the blueridge, although i'm surprised that you're considering both a dread and a 000.

the blueridge has that adi top and slightly wider nut, and is pretty spiffy. since you're considering the mahogany back and sides epi, you might also consider the blueridge BR-140A, which is adi over mahogany with the slightly wider nut. sounds great, and may be a little cheaper, too.

the masterbilt is more resonant than lam b&s guitars, and has a pretty good tone. i don't care for its slender nut - i prefer the 1 3/4" nut on the blueridge A series or the epiphone masterbilt EF-500RCCE.

the ibanez isn't all solid wood, and i haven't found it to be a showstopper tonally. haven't tried many matons (they don't show up much in the u.s.) but the few i've tried were okay to my ears, nothing special. the maton M225c seems to have laminate back and sides.
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If you want a cut-away, the DR-500 seems to have it all... solid top and body, bone nut and saddle, Grover 18:1 tuners, etc.
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Those Matons are not all solid.

Mind if I ask where you found a Masterbilt for $650?