It might be a good solution to use VST live <vped.net>.
Loads up to 8 vst/vsti at a time, activated by foot switch.
What do you think about?
Truly I wrote for info, and I received a pdf describing the device, also with some screen shots from the software. Yesterday I wrote that I would know when it is available and I am waiting for the answer.
I copy below what is written in pdf:

Audio inputs :
1) Guitar: ¼" jack with Hi/Low input sensitivity switch
2) Mic: Balanced Cannon XLR socket, with gain regulation
Audio outputs:
1) Stereo audio output through 2 Cannon XLR pseudo-balanced (L/R):
2) Stereo audio output through 2 mono ¼" unbalanced jack (L/R)
Other available connections:
1) 4 connectors for assignable external expression pedals (not included),assignable to any plug-in parameter
2) 2 connectors for 2/4 foot switches (not included), assignable to any plug-in parameter
3) 4 USB2 ports
4) 19 V DC input jack for external power supply (included)
5) 1 HDMI port
6) RJ-45 LAN port

Very attractive for guitar and keyboard players as well as singers
Guitar players operation modes:
 As an 8 effects pedal board, connecting audio output to your amplifier.
 As a standalone unit to be connected to a P.A. line input (mono or stereo), using VST plug-ins and Sfx including simulator amp + cab at the end of the effects chain
Keyboard players operation modes:
 As a VST host for live operation, with the ability to upload up to 8 VSTi /VST Sfx controllable by a connected MIDI keyboard(not included).
Singers operation modes:
 Tons of astonishing effects tailored for your voice (e.g. tube preamp,compressors, reverbs, delays etc.).
More available features
 Allows you to load up to 8 plug-ins, shown in 2 pages, switched on / off in real time, using 4 traditional foot switches. Each effect can thus be activated / deactivated via a foot switch for each specific effect.
 "Page / Edit" foot switch which, in addition to numerous functions, allows you to select and load in real-time, user created preset by the same plug-in, or load a whole board during your performances.
 Displaying original plug-in graphics, with the ability to edit the effect with the mouse, or change the values within the plug-in parameter list.
 Ability to assign to every plug-in the audio and/or MIDI source (parameters are saved for each single board)
 Ability to make mono audio outputs via a software command
 Possibility for connecting to a remote assistance support
 Ability to backup and restore all data
 Data stored on a solid state drive (SSD)
 Guitar tuner quickly available
 Native latency <= 5 ms. Final latency depending on the VST software accuracy
 Ability to adjust quickly your favorite chain effects
 Ability to save and load boards that include all 8 VST and/or VSTi.
 You can choose between two modes for the activation of plug-in:
 The plug-ins are activated individually, and then the effects are summed
 When you activate a plug-in, the previous one is automatically deactivated. This mode of operation is essential when using VST including amplifier and effects (e.g. Guitar Rig / AmpliTube / FreeAmp etc.).
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don't know, we'll see

You are a liar. You posted those other links. Same exact wording and user name on a couple of them.

VST Live looks useless anyway. It will fail - especially after being associated with you.
Sure, and I'm not the only one, but not a liar. Do you think it's a shame to divulge an info, and ask to others for opinions about a topic? Forget it ...
Quote by ginoferrari
Sure, and I'm not the only one, but not a liar. Do you think it's a shame to divulge an info, and ask to others for opinions about a topic? Forget it ...

The shame is the reality that you are a spammer attempting to generate interest as an interested consumer.

Not only did you doom your product with your unethical business practice - it's also doomed because it's stupid.

You wanted feedback, here is your reality....

Why would anyone want a stand alone VST interface that's limited to 8 VST's when solid state drives are getting so cheap that building a durable stable computer for live situations is so much more practical?

The iPad and the like are already the perfect VST players. Your hardware is doomed. You should have produced just an app for tablets.

Give it up before you waste all your investors money.
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