Really cool tune right here. The quality was excellent and I loved your choice of melodies. Kind of gave me a Between the buried and me feeling but without the over the top vocals and guitars.
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Pretty good dude!

Good first: I like the guitar harmonies, they really work well. I especially like the solo breaks. Not really wanky/shreddy, has actual feel.

The not-so-good: The vocals are a bit loud, and could maybe do with some harmonies to fill them out. Maybe a bit more 'life'. The drums, which I take it are programmed, serve their purpose, but are quite bland. But I know that programming takes a lot of practice, and the fact that you have actually made a beat is commendable.

But all in all a pretty good tune, dude!
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Nice to hear a progressive track that not quite as extreme. I like it when it really digs into the main riff with the drums. Like OldHairyOne said, they're a tad bland, but I can only see them getting better from here on out. Work on mxing the vocals a little better too. But overall a very solid tune. Thx for C4Cing me. I'll have new stuff up soon if you're interested
I like how you go higher with your voice part of the way through the verses. Your voice has good range, not sure if it entirely fits the backing track you have made for it, but at the same time it does fit. hah it's hard to explain, like at times it sounds like it fits well, but then on the lower vocal lines (engine's running, piston's pumping) it sounds sort of bland. Maybe it needs a vocal harmony, or just more lows to the timber of your voice in general.

Also as far as the drums go, and this is my personal opinion, but if I was you I would turn the bass drum down slightly and make the snare louder so that it hits harder. The snare is a big part of the driving force of the drums, it can make the mix sound a lot more smooth if the drums are mixed correctly. I have an acoustic band called Valley Haze, check out our stuff!