So I'm new around...I've been playing about 5 months...I'm one of those guys, yes. I neglected to learn basic chords fluently so I have problems transitioning between them .

My axe is named Elise, She's just an Epiphone SG with lowered action height and raised bridge pick-up.

I've manage to become talented with the pentatonic scale, arabic scale, and "japanese" scale/ hiroshi scale. Oh and I'm great with power chords cause one youtube video told me it was okay to keep it 90's

Tell me to play a Fm7b and I'll make sad face

My styles of playing would be considered alternative rock, melancholy goth (without distortion), jazz, and blues. I like to throw in distortion here and there with my little Octave Fuzz pedal. I am mainly focused on alternative rock style. These are all style I have an ear for. Long story story I make cool sounds but don't know the theory behind them.

I know some of you who know music theory in depth probably think I'm a fool. I am here to learn and become a better guitar player. My friends are all raged that I picked up playing so quickly little to their knowledge I don't really know anything other than where to put my fingers.
dont worry i've been playing for 7 years and still cant name a single chord lol, welcome to the site
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.