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I want to get a lot of gain from my terror, van Halen and metal kind of stuff. I've been looking at the mxr boost but it's a bit expensive to take a chance on. Anyone got any ideas?
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PM badgerific he builds pedals, built me a Zvex SHO clone which i'm proper made up with, does the job perfectly
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I play an orange th30 and the mxr boost into thAt is pretty sweet. You could always try an overdrive pedal with the gain down and the vol maxed. That sounds cool
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Well, it won't sound exactly like Van Halen or your typical metal tone on the TT anyway, but if you're on a budget, Ibanez TS-9, Boss SD-1, Digitech Bad Monkey, or for slightly more money the Hardwire CM-2 OD.
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Quote by R_Gallagher_Fan
Any tube screamer style pedal should do.


or a timmy/bluesbreaker or similar if a ts-style pedal is too middy with the TT.

But yeah for those type of tones i'd rather use an od than a clean boost.
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The mxr micro amp is another good option to check out. In front of the amp it will add gain without coloring the tone.
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i have the dual terror, i use a timmy to do the boosting. check out toyroom fx Greeny23 (Tim) built mine. exceptionally good workmanship.
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