Hey Everyone,

I'm new to this type of screaming and trying to improve. Just learned how to do it yesterday (well, sort of), but as a beginner I may actually end up doing it wrong. My throat doesn't hurt a thing so I assume it's ok.
Anyway, this is my scream (1 really short one):

yourlisten .com/channel/content/16973724/Me (remove space)

I was wondering if you guys could listen and give me some feedback. Thanks!
(Just realized there's a whole sticky thread at the top of this forum on the topic, my bad...)
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This may get locked but I'll give it a listen...

That wasn't much of a clip and the sound quality is beyond bad. It's impossible to tell if you are doing it correctly because A) your breath is clipping the hell out of the mic and B) you, yourself are clipping the hell out of the mic ;P.

Quite a few things can go wrong with this technique so without hearing the vocal in decent quality I wouldn't want to give a real opinion.

However, there are some things you can look for to make sure you are doing it correctly. Does it hurt or burn? Do you get a headache when you perform it (too much pushing)?

Some tips that might help you refine the tone:
1. Don't ever push, think flow. There is never a need to push. Your body will slowly understand what you are asking for it, but it takes months of deligent practice to get decent.

2. Use resonance. Place a hand on your chest while screaming. you should feel a vibration. Generally speaking, the more the better for the deep, large tone you get from gents like Hejj.

3. Project using your hard pallet (bony part of the roof of your mouth). Picture your airflow and the vocal hitting this area. You will get different tones by hitting different parts of it.

4. Be sure you are using your diaphragm. Your air should be coming from the muscle that bulges out when you "belly breath."

5. The amount of distortion you need is very subtle. Too much and you will have a strained, constipated sound. Not enough though, and you will get no sound at all.

6. For the first week or so, only practice for five to ten minutes a day. The False chords are rarely utilized by modern adults and the muscles/coordination that goes along with them atrophy over time (they are strongest when we are infants. Ever hear a baby cry and envy it's rasp? That's all false chord useage baby). As such, you can injure yourself by not allowing your body a chance to bang the rust off.

If you have further questions, bring it to the growling thread (home of the grunting, idiotic ogres that form the underbelly of society). Welcome to the club.

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guys, i am learing this false chord technique too. but im having probs with the duration of the screams....i can do 3seconds absolute max. is that normal?