I'm trying to win some tickets to a local show and the contest requires you to guess a song name and artist based on a short clip. The clip is linked below. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I thought it was Orion by Metallica but turns out that's wrong.
It is not TNT as someone has already guessed that. Leper Messiah is close, I feel as though the clip plays a E power chord followed by an A power chord which is different from Leper Messiah....
The tones definitely sound very much like Metallica. Particularly the snare, which actually sounds decent, so it's definitely pre-Black album.
Yeah, I was also thinking pre-Black album. Also because the E chord is involved, it kinda tells me that the song is in standard tuning.
My second guess is Ride the Lightning. The riff before the solo. It kinda sounds like that. But it's not quite right, I don't think. Maybe if it was played backwards.

Edit: I'm almost 100% positive that's Metallica. And after listening to a few songs, the production quality sounds like it matches that of either the Ride the Lightning album or Master of Puppets album. Leaning towards RtL at the moment.
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I've only listened to it 2 or 3 times but it sounds nothing like metallica to me.
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The thick distortion made me think it sounded like Metallica.
but that's the thing, metallica's distortion is rather thin sounding on any album before the black album, and as stated before it sounds different than the black album too
If you have a smartphone then use the iHeartradio song match app.

EDIT: I thought the clip would be longer.
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Yeah, I was also checking out 2112 earlier today... close but I dont think its it!
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