Wow that was killer man i left a message and a like, beautiful tone, I'm from Miami and Cuban so that music would fly any where here lol.


Also i subscribed hopefully you can do the same.
Thanks guys- I left a comment and like on both your videos and I subscribed to you, Big bang theory
Wow dude that was real solid. I'm a big fan of Chick and I actually enjoyed listening to that. The only thing I might suggest improvement on was in playing the written line. I think I noticed at one part that the rhythm on a note or two got off and every now and again a note was missed. Then maybe again I just know the song too well
Thanks man! After listening to it a bit after I recorded the song I can start to pick out things a little easier. Those were just mistakes but thanks for the critique
Great tone, and improvisation! You have a great feel but it would be nice to watch you perform that without the music there. Everything besides that done to a very high standard. Maybe have the video switch over to enlarge your guitar while you're improvising would have been nicer? As far as guitar playing goes though I thought it was a very solid, controlled and expressive performance.

C4C? - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1605908
Sorry for the late reply here...
Thank you both for the critics. I returned the favor and left a comment on each of your videos. Keep playing

d_ano - I usually just get them from somewhere else to make it easier but I have one or two where I played everything you hear in the video. I am working on
Jobim's "Wave" at the moment. I'm recording everything myself including percussion instruments, bass, violins, guitars, and ukes.
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