Well, here are some of the song I create from the unused riff in my band's song...

I supposed it's somekind of metalcore....or whatever metal it is....

as usual, C4C....

comments and critics are welcome...
Metalcore Song 1.gp5
Metalcore Song 1.mid
Metalcore Song 2.gp5
Metalcore Song 2.mid
Sounds more like Disarmonia Mundi than say, Unearth. In the first song, you should end on the solo, cuz the added extra chorus ends awkwardly. Other than that, not bad song, although I doubt most of the lead lines in the beginning are feasible with cleanliness. Good solo though.

Second song, in any genre circle, thats a pretty generic song, and a lot of the melodies dont match with chords and sound really bad. Should probably work on it

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Liked the first one quite a lot, nice melodies and riffing, I especially liked the chorus, nice stuff =) Would never be able to pull that off myself, cause I suck but it sounds cool. The pattern starting at 106 sounds pretty kickass and the ending with the chorus is pretty well-done, good stuff (aside from the random blast @ the end :p) - even if it's far away from what I usually listen to.

The second song didn't really seem to click with me, I don't even really know why, can't quite put my finger on it. The riffs are more or less all quite ok, but... hnn... Also, in my opinion, a little bit of lead-guitar overkill. Only thing that really stuck in my head were the bars 78-81, that was kinda neat.
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