Hi all,

So just now after a crappy gig bags dropped Ive noticed there's now two splits in my les Paul, mine is a left handed les Paul standard. The fall seems to have out a crack on both sides of the neck starting at the nut and running about 6.5 cm on the left side where a part of the wood has come off and left a part exposed and on the right hand side a crack starting at the nut and also going about 7 cm down.

I've rang a luthier and he says the problems easily fixable but I'm still worried , do I lock it away until I take it there tomorrow, take the strings off and tie some cloth around it to attempt to hold it together a but longer or anything else? First time this has happened to me so any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Simon
Leave it alone until someone who knows what they are doing can have a closer look at it.
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You put a Les Paul Standard in a gig bag? Shame on you.
Seriously though... leave it to the professionals and for god's sake get a proper case. Would you carry your child around in a grocery bag?
" Would you carry your child around in a grocery bag?"
You mean I've been wreckless for all these years?
i'd slack the strings and put it in a hardshell until taking it to the luthier.

but then again if i'm not playing my guitars i put them in a hardshell.

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What the fack is a cm? Is that like an inch or something?

One centimeter is about 0.4 inches.
Dude, that is a 2.5" and 3" crack in your neck. Loosen the strings and get it to a luthier. Don't even think of playing it until it is properly repaired... Then get a hard shell case and keep it in it.
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Have a guitar technician take a look at it. Your Les Paul is in better condition than mine at least, my one's whole headstock broke off D=
Wait not guitar technician, I was thinking of the wrong thing. Oh you know what I mean
All Les Paul STandards came with cases. Where did yours go?
Moving on.....
So this thread is a few days old, OP whats happening with the Git? Is it ****ed?