Being able to save tabs as a favorite is awesome, but, as noted in other feature suggestions, many people have hundreds of tabs as favorites and it becomes difficult to find a certain tab. I think it would be useful to be able to create folders, name them as I please, and then place tabs in them.

This feature may be rather easy to implement given that the button to add a tab to a folder is already on the tab pages and the ability to save lists of songs already exists too. I was thinking the button would have a drop down arrow and when clicked would give options to put in your folders. "Favorites" could/would still be there. Thoughts?
Agreed! I'd LOVE to be able to save tabs into a few different folders, like "campfire songs," and "songs I'm learning," etc.

Pretty please? With sugar on top???
it could be done rather elegantly with a possibility to assign personal tags like #campfire #keyG #keyA #veryhard to tabs.

Nice feature...