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So I tried to go for a happy song for once in my life. It didn't work out... Like... at all.


AT ALL!!!!!!1113337373737

Also... curious to see how many more songs "like this" I can pull off, before I get sick of it. Haha, I'm kinda pathetic ... Q_Q Aaaaand the outro is also supposed to sound different but my tabbing skills suck.

Edit: Zipped is the midi, it was too big. Haven't heard that one before o_O
In One Lifetime.gp5
In One Lifetime.zip
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My ear convinced me that your song is kickass bro....I like the bass work on the intro

and when the instruments came in on 00:58 and onward, i just love the sound..

overall, the song is very good...i supposed the song is somewhat of a power metal (it reminds me of early symphony X), isn't it? i'm pretty suck at classifying songs in their genre....

overall, it's a good song....nice one