So I tried to go for a happy song for once in my life. It didn't work out... Like... at all.


AT ALL!!!!!!1113337373737

Also... curious to see how many more songs "like this" I can pull off, before I get sick of it. Haha, I'm kinda pathetic ... Q_Q Aaaaand the outro is also supposed to sound different but my tabbing skills suck.

Edit: Zipped is the midi, it was too big. Haven't heard that one before o_O
In One Lifetime.gp5
In One Lifetime.zip
When you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you…
My ear convinced me that your song is kickass bro....I like the bass work on the intro

and when the instruments came in on 00:58 and onward, i just love the sound..

overall, the song is very good...i supposed the song is somewhat of a power metal (it reminds me of early symphony X), isn't it? i'm pretty suck at classifying songs in their genre....

overall, it's a good song....nice one