This is a short original of mine called "The Reaver" that I wrote a few years ago. The new firmware update for the Axe-Fx is amazing. Palm mutes now have all the chunk and dynamics that a certain toaster box has + tones are much easier to dial in now.

I used the Das Metall(Fractal's take on a Diezel Vh4) model for rhythms and I'm not sure what I used for the leads since I was in a rush to get them done.

Drums are Toontrack Metal Machine + Charles J Death Snare + Kick Samples
Bass is midi run through Logic Amp Simulator

Cool sound.. still doesnt match Kemper imo.

Your playing needs to be way more aggressive. Some timing issues as well. Cool irish feel.
Guitars sounded really tight with each other and the tone was very solid. Drums were fairly simple, but I'm guessing they were constructed that way to mainly compliment the guitars.
I liked what I think was the verse and chorus, but I'd have to say that , if anything, the intro could've used some PM's or some type of occasional percussiveness to give it some character.
Short but sweet overall, I liked it, and would like to hear an even more fleshed out version of it. This could make a really good 3:30-4:00 song.

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