So I'm a huge noob when it comes to acoustic guitars, and I'd like to ask what pickups you'd advise me to get. I don't know if I'll actually end up getting it, but I may. I've chosen the preamp but I'm deciding on these 2 pickups.


Those are my choices for the 3.5 mm jack in the preamp. For the 2.5mm I'm choosing between


The preamp I chose is

The guitar I have is

and I'm planning to do a review on it soon.

I'm also just trying to decide if I should buy from GFS (shipping to Canada is a wee bit difficult and expensive) or if I should just buy from Long & McQuade. I'd prefer a Seymour Duncan Woody, but I emailed the guy and he hasn't emailed back.

The only pickups within my budget are


Help? Please and Thank You
Couple things first, do you plan on using the pickup in an amplifier? Or do you plan on recording?

If you are going to use an amplifier, I personally don't recommend using distortion, that's not what an acoustic guitar is for.

I recommend you take a look at fishman pickups on amazon.

The Neo-D passive one seems to be in your price range and i have had personal experience with it, passive pickups are probably what you will want to go for, i personally do not know those two pickups though, sorry.
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Couple things first, do you plan on using the pickup in an amplifier? Or do you plan on recording?

DI Box into my church's PA System. For recording I'm going to be using some Mics.
I've looked at Guitarfetish's accoustic pups ,personally if I were going to go to the trouble of installing all that gear( I already own two AE guitars and two non pu'd guitars) I'd buy the blender using a mic and a piezo mixer, the piezo alone is somewhat thin and brittle sounding, trust me I have two, a mic gives a much truer accoustic sound, I recommend the blender using both.