Hey guys! I've owned a Dual Caliber for one week now. It's the best amp I ever owned (including my other Mesa/Boogie Rect-O-Verb and my ex Quad-setup).
There is no fair demo of the Mesa/Boogie DC-5 in metal style, so I decided to upload a quick one. Just one take with a phone camera, but it sounds pretty damn good

I really think metalguys should seriously consider the DC-5 (or 10) instead of the mainstream Rectos. I think my Recto sounds sterile and boring since the DC arrived. (Don't fear, the DC can produce ****in more gain then my Recto, due to the graphic EQ).
The clean channel is a huge upgrade from the Recto's too.

Hope you like it! youtubedotcom/watch?v=O--Uj9rHV2A