Hi there all, I've been tearing my hair out trying to find the origin and possible value of
pickup I bought about a year ago so have made an account here with you guys for the sole purpose of finding out what the HELL it is!

In the pictures below you can see what appears to be a Lace sensor, I noticed it in a local electronic shop, they didn't even have the barcode on the computer anymore so put it through for £10 which I though was undoubtedy a bargain for any Lace product.

The problem is though, after hours of research I can't find ANY information on the pickup itself to find the true value. It sounds lovely in the bridge position so I reckon its genuine I just want to know more about it.

What little documentation of the pickup there is indicates that it was made in 1995. Please help me with this I've never been at a looser end, thanks!

EDIT- Sorry the pictures aren't great quality the compression messed them up a bit.

The Transensor is a discontinued pickup, which I think Shawn Lane used at some point.
I saw one sell on ebay for 16 pounds, so 10 pounds is still a bit on the cheap side.
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