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Is there a difference between American and Mexican standard Strat necks? I've tried both, and I think they American has got a thinner neck which I prefer. Is it true, or is it just me? I've also noticed that the American has got more twang, is this correct or is it because the Mexican's strings were rusty?
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The sound is impossible to tell. Different pickups, different wood quality, different hardware, different strings; you name it. You can pick up two of the exact same model of guitar and they will often sound slightly different.

As for the feel, it is normal for the American and Mexican Strats to feel a little different. The profile on the Americans has very slightly reduced 'shoulders', so it rarely measures any thinner but it feels thinner to your hand. Mexican Strats tend to have a fully circular C-curve.

If you're picking between the two and can afford an American one, there's really no reason to buy a Mexican one unless you do prefer the feel and sound of the Mexican, which is something only you can tell. The American-made ones are objectively better in every way, though personal preference does of course vary.
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I can't wait to snag a 2013 MIA Standard from the Used market - neck almost as awesome as my Highway 1 and felt better than the 2012 and earlier MIAs (to me) although they technically have the same neck profile.

There are so many Strat models available. Audition all of them through an amp like yours or are planning to buy. This is the fun part.

inb4 G&L

Also, check out the G&L models, even the non-MIA ones.

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Quote by ahesham
I've also noticed that the American has got more twang, is this correct or is it because the Mexican's strings were rusty?

That could be part of it. But MIM strat pickups are built differently. They build them like a P90, using bar magnets(and ceramic ones at that). There is no way a MIM and MIA with stock pickups could sound the same. But I think if you upgraded the MIM to MIA parts, they would. But at that point, you might as well just buy a MIA because you'll be spending all that money on a MIM anyway, and if you did decide the sell the MIM at some point, you would not get those upgrades back.

Plus there's that 22nd fret, which I miss on my MIM strat.