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I really liked your voice man. If I could make one small suggestion, it sounds like you are pushing too hard for the rock-vocal sound to your voice. I think it would sound a lot more natural and unique if you dialed back just slightly on that aspect but kept a confident and smooth tone. I like where you go with the song melody-wise though, and nice work keeping the tempo hitting the guitar like that. Here's a link to my band Valley Haze, we play mellow acoustic music

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Delicious acoustics. Your voice surprised me. It's really awesome with lots of emotion, though, as mikemellen94 said, you might be pushing your voice a little too hard which makes your singing sound strained at times. Easy and simple listening, which I'm sure would melt any heart of a woman. I'm not one though, so I can't speak too much of that.

Great song, and thanks for the feedback!
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You have a great set of lungs on you, something I definitely envy! Liked the guitar style and rhythmic tapping, hard to keep that consistent. Lyrical melody puts me in a good mood as well, nice work!

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