Hey all ,

So I have a fender mustang 20w guitar amp , which I really really love my guitars and Epiphone les Paul standard anyway so I can generally play whatever style I'd like and the range of presets and effects , and EQ on the amp are just amazing I love it, cruncy metal tones , Grungey punk rock , beautiful clean tones and whatever else I've dialed in md saved for the different presets , brilliant stuff! However , I would like to be able to use pedals with the amp , it's only 20w and I'm not gonna be using it for any gigs I'd imagine but I'd still like the option to use pedals there just to make it easier and more natural to practice a song through if switching from clean to distorted or something's required. I don't know how to do it at the moment I tried a few days ago and the pedals didn't seek to work? Am I missing something or can I just not use pedals? If I can't use pedals is there anyway foot switch of the presets I can get instead? I did buy second hand, very good condition and read the instructions but I think Iust be missing something!

Thanks , Simon
I have the Mustang II, the 40 watt version of your amp, and I never had any problems running my pedals through it. Just beware that you may need to turn down the level on a lot of your drive pedals so you don't end up clipping the input. If your pedals were not working, something may be wrong with them?
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ah okay at the risk of sounding like a total idiot, are you just hooking up your pedals normally? if so there may be a problem with my pedals

I use pedals on my mustang amp all the time without any trouble. You'll find that some channels don't take pedals that well (metal 2000, american 90's), While others (65 twin, 59 bassman) take pedals extremely well for a solid state amp. If you roll back on the gain and turn up the volume (not master) it sounds even better.

If your pedals aren't working the first thing to check is the power supply (are the batteries dead, is the power adaptor plugged in etc). next make sure everything is plugged in properly (is you're guitar plugged into the output, and the amp into input? I've made this mistake before lol). Also, another common mistake is plugging the pedals into the footswitch input instead of the guitar input. And yes, fender does make a footswitch to change between presets on your amp. However, if your using the mustang 1 or 2 you can only use the single button one.

Hope this helps
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The mustang amps are actually pretty good as far as modelling amps go in the "taking pedals" department, but as mentioned, you have to use the really clean models.