Hello UG.

The other day i was offered a Fender Highway one Telecaster for 4000 DKK (The currency we use in Denmark), which is about 700$. Having in mind that this is was an American made Fender i really thought about it as being a steal . However, some of my friends say that the Highway one Fenders are really crappy, compared to the other American made models, and that 700$ is way too much .

So, is this a steal, or am i being taken for a ride ?
Highway Ones are sort of in the middle of the Mexican-made guitars and the other American-made guitars. They're basically the same parts that are used in the Mexican models, but they're put together and finishes in the American factory, so they're a little stricter on quality control and they have the nice thin nitro finish. Some people swear they are just as good as American Standards, other people can't tell the difference between them and the Mexican-made Standard.

Really, you need to play the guitar and see how it feels. If you like the feel and tone, go for it. Highway Ones are good guitars. I wouldn't say this is a brilliant once-in-a-lifetime bargain, though. It's good, but not amazing.
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I wouldn't call this a steal more of an average price for a highway one.

If it feels outstanding than go for it, but its not uncommon to find actual MIA std teles for around 900~ in europe from what I've seen on TDPRI.
It's an pretty average(as far as I know) secondhand price.

But for the strats ive played, I've always seen to prefer Mex models. Just my two cents on not going blind on where it's built.
My go to Tele is the H1, an older MIJ Fender, then a Squier CV. The newer MIA Standards are very nice although I haven't played one as nice as my stock H1; so, audition it and decide. Don't forget the fun part of auditioning as many Teles that you can, through an amp like yours or one you plan to buy.

In the states, I just bought a Highway 1 Tele for $400 (on Craigslist, used, good shape). I'm not sure how much more guitars are overseas, but the equivalent of $700 feels like a lot to pay.
Yeah, i really like the finish too. The one that i'm planning on buying is in "Daphne blue". But he offered me to see it and try it out before i make a decision. But anyway, thanks for your advice!
The Highway One series Fenders were 85% made in the U.S.A. (otherwise, they could not by law be called "made in U.S.A.") and they used MIM pickups. bridges, tuning keys and pickguards. They were very good instruments (I have two Highway One Strats). One thing to remember: the Highway One series Strats and Teles were meant for more modern sorts of playing. To that end, they employ hotter-than-standard pickups and they use big jumbo fretwire. Some people like this; others do not.

US$700.00 is slightly less than the Highway One instruments sold for new over three years ago. It might be a good price overseas, though. As others have said, you must play it to decide if it is the guitar for you.
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Depends on the condition. Even if it's almost new it's not a great deal. It's fair , but not anything really that special. I got mine for $475.
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