My band has recently uploaded several of our acoustic songs and we are looking for more feedback. We have a very mellow but melodic original acoustic sound inspired by such acts as Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Andy McKee, Explosions in the Sky, and several others. Our second album is in the works and has a few more up-tempo and instrumentally unique songs, so if you want to hear more of us definitely watch out for that by around July. Here's the youtube link


And also a facebook link


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i liked it, nice and calming. good voice too. i love the sound of acoustic basses too that was a nice touch. one thing i feel that could be improved on is the songwriting. It needed a bridge or a chorus or something that raises in volume and just explodes. Right now it doesnt go anywhere imo. You guys definitely have potential tho.

Heres my tune: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1592860
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Acoustic songs are what im in to so this hits the spot. Chord progression is quite interesting and I enjoyed the vocal melody (you have a great voice by the way). I think maybe at the end it could get bigger, more strumming, louder/shouting singing perhaps just as an outro? Good job all the same!

C4C https://soundcloud.com/neil-keegan/mr-robotic
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I already gave you a critique skatooter, I'll post it right here if you didnt see it though...

your attention to melody seems similar to that of Gilmour, but it is original. The vocals get a tad pitchy at times and same with the harmonies, but it was easy to tell what you were going for. Maybe a tad eerie at points, but I think it fits the mood of the song as it is supposed to be more on the eerie side in general, it just doesnt really have much dynamic in the vocal with the breathiness. But I think that factor of the music could work in your favor for people who like the genre you are going for. I also absolutely love 2:28 how you go up with the falsetto like that, extremely fitting to the piece as a whole
I really like the mix of the song and how your instruments and voice sound together. I see quality. I see dedication.
Really awesome when you hit that minor chord (first chord in verse). This is something i defenately would listen to. Voice reminds me a little of roger wters. For some reson this remins me of dream theater too. I like the lyrics, but what makes this special, is the chord progression. The mix and lyrics is good to. I don't have anything to complain about. c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31382114#post31382114