Hi there,

I'm Connor, representing The Suites, a Quad-Cities-based Ska-punk/Alternative group, just starting to attain a following in the area. We play original music, with five songs already completed, and another few waiting on a full-band sound to be finished. Perhaps more importantly, we have a loyal set of friends in area bands who have, as of yet, been extremely generous in helping us get shows, which we've used to help refine our sound.

We seek a drummer interested in the ska-genre, (obviously) and who is learned enough in music to be able to apply multiple styles of playing to our chosen music-type. That said, we are open to drummers with differing ideas, provided they help to complete our sound, rather than to diminish it. We are flexible, and hard-working musicians, with individual member experience ranging from 3 years to a decade. We're also all about 20 years-old, so although not necessary, we'd much prefer somebody of our general age-range.

We favor flexibility and experience in general, but if you're passionate, and think you're available semi-regularly for practices in the Quad City area, post on here and let us know!