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So i'm pretty new to the technique of rasgueado and flamenco techniques in general but my question is..
Well actually i have two but my first is..

Should i use all 4 strumming hand fingers when playing? I find it a lot easier with just the 3 fingers (excluding pinky). I tried with my pinky and i can't get that nice sort of "flow" going like i can with 3 fingers.

Second question..

If tremolo picking one string over and over for instance, how do i do it? It can't be the same rasgueado technique can it? Once i use all 4 of my fingers it's like.. how do i keep that same constant sound going? I don't know it just can't be rasgueado? Any advice on that would be great!

Thanks in advance
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Rasgueado is done with your IM and A fingers. So, the pink is excluded. The same applies to trem. A trem is done by cycling through the fingers. So, P,A,M,I - P,A,M,I etc
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well actually it can be done both ways, a 3-finger rasgeado or a 4-finger rasgeado, the main difference is that when using 3 fingers you tuck them behind your thumb and with 4 you use your palm. but yeah just go with the one you're most comfortable with, try looking at lessons by graf martinez.

tremolo picking can be done with 3 fingers but it's usually done with a technique called "picado" which is just 2: I and M.

also for tremolo picking chords there's a different technique called "abanico".