Hey guys! Just joined here but I've been looking for a while. I just bought my first guitar at age 39. Been told I'm trying to regain my youth (AKA mid life crisis) but it's honestly just finally deciding to act on a life long dream. Dad played some when I was a kid but wouldn't teach me when I asked. Took my 12 year old son asking to get a guitar, which I bought right away to get me thinking. Bought another guitar for him this year and finally just decided I'm not too old! Just got my guitar last week and am having a blast getting frustrated and then having moments when my fingers actually do what I want. I'm sure some guys figure I'm too old to start but I'm sticking with better late than never!
38, picked it up 5-6 years ago. Keep it rolling brother, ain't like we are looking to tour with Metallica or Ozzy. Just sittin in the cave jammin and drinkin some cold zesties next to my daughter who loves to hear me play some noise!!!
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Keep it up, man. Don't listen to anyone who says you're too old for this or that. I admire people like you, if only everyone had a mindset like this.
It's never too late to fornicate.
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Aw yeah.
never too late to shoot for the stars....nickleback..we salute you man ,,,Your son will be a guitar virtuoso oneday for sure..keep rolling