Hey guys,
my parents said if I get an A on both my Geography and French exams, they'd buy me a Les Paul of my choice. I'm torn between two... which do you guys think looks better the Apline one or Cherry Sunburst?
Cheers guys :P
DAMN you got some cool parents! I'm a sucker for the cherry sunburst but the white is very sleek and clean looking. I'd opt for the burst but it's really your own preference.
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Erm... What LP are we talking about? I can't think of a model that has both alpine white and cherry sunburst as finishes, so I'm going to guess they are different models?

EDIT: Oh, unless they are tribute models?
It depends on the model, really, Alpine white customs or studios are great looking, but the Tribute alpine white looks like an albino sheep...
Que gives a shit?

Buy a Gold Top traditional.

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If you're looking at Alpine White's, which are classy as hell, it's either gunna be a Custom which will set you back £2500 for a new one at least or a studio, which will be between £700 - £1000 depending on the year.

Basically, it doesn't matter what the colour is. It's how it plays and how it sounds that matters. Go on that, not the colour.
Unless you can't stand a heavy guitar, get a Traditional, as Tom and Chris already said. They're wonderful guitars if they suit you.
You sure you parents mean a real Les Paul or just Les Paul-ish?

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You sure you parents mean a real Les Paul or just Les Paul-ish?

Please answer this.

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anything but clownburst.

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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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There are sooo many variations of the Les Paul. But if they do really mean ANY LP of your choice, get a custom shop R9 haha
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Que gives a shit?

Buy a Gold Top traditional.

+4 or 5 whatever number its been plused to now. As an owner of a Traditional all I can say is its like guitar sex in my hands whenever I want to hold it, its the type of guitar that when I am at work I think about playing it, seriously nice beast. Don't go by online pictures either when selecting a finish they look completely different in picture and in real life, I bought my Trad to make a tibute guitar to Jimmy Page, and from online pictures I thought honeyburst was too light, but when I saw it in the store I knew it was the closest I could get.
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I like how everyone's telling him to get a gibson, I doubt his parents know about guitars or know how much a REAL gibson is worth ( unless his parents are rich then its not a problem ) so they probably only ment a "les paul shape guitar"
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even better, get an MIJ tokai, bacchus, burny, edwards, orville by gibson...

Or a Gibson Les Paul Traditional.
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I have/had 5 agiles ... and beside my 3200-slim which i love to death , the 3100 , 3010 doesnt come close to my 2001 -gibson les paul standard . im no gibson fan boy , in fact their quite expensive

agile are very hit or miss , there good for the price , but most of them doesnt match higher end guitar . ive had a few and most are for sell now cause i couldnt use to them . im keeping my 3200 slim which is simply great ,

but i wouldnt say any of the agile ive owned blew away the 1994 les paul standard i had and the 2001 les paul standard i have now .
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Si tu veux, je fais tes examens pour toi et tu me donne ta vieille guitare

I was gonna rip you a new one on the first half, then I realized you were right. DAMMIT, I wanna be a french-grammar nazi! D:

OT: I don't know, but your parents kick ass!
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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