Hey Guys! So this is a new song i wrote. I mean i tried to go for spanish elements but im not quite sure it turned out that way lol. Anyway have a listen and let me know if u like it. Also if u wana leave a link to your new stuff ill gladly have a listen and give you some feedback also!

Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/toastedandbutter/we-are-no-one
Starting off, I really like your little lick at the beginning. The voices could use a little more volume, maybe some sort of reverb to make it a little less dry. Also the singer goes a little out of pitch going up the scale at 1:21, just details though. If there are two vocalists, why not throw in some harmonies during the main portions of the song as well? You guys sort of do it at the end, but for the most part it is just an octave I believe, I think more harmonizing would make it a bit more interesting. But that's all I have to say, the guitar work is great and mix itself isnt bad.

Here is my acoustic band Valley Haze:

The little lick in the beginning was a bit Spanish like, it was nice. Voice sounds a lot like someone else, but I can't remember who for some reason, at least the female singer. Its good. The guys voice doesn't seem to match the song as much imo.
I like the ending when the chords start to get louder and you both sing together. Little riff to end the song was a good way to end it.
Overall, it was a decent song. I'm not a real fan of this spanish-y stuff, but it sounds like something I'd find on an indie-pop album.

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