i recently saw these live and i can relate to this song like adam duritz does so i'd love to sing and play along on my acoustic

the song is about mental illness

it's off the album 'underwater sunshine' which i think might be their newest one


just found out the song is originally by coby brown, there's a youtube vid of him playing it which is easy to copy
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Great song and amazing band, saw them live in my city a few days ago, incredible. I can work something out for you over the next day or so if you like? Surprised there's not a tab up already to be honest
There's a video on you tube that shows them playing it... Looks like maybe 3 chords at most... The chords are clearly shown....
yeah it was a good show

it was nice that the audience was very much in the majority age of 30 - 50 making me one of the youngest there!
Awesome to hear!

I noticed you wanted to play and sing along on your acoustic, so for now I've just listed the chords to help you play it, as I type this I am going to tab out the other guitar parts and stuff, but this is just a quick thing to help you play the song. I put G? for the chord cause it's not a normal G Chord, and I cant think of the name of it lol, but it sounds right to me

  C  Am  F   G?


Hospital bound, so you know there will be
F    C
Hey, alright
               G           C
It's too late to put up a fight

Thats the way all the verses go, so you can probably figure it out

Chorus (Alright/honest to god etc....)
Just keep playing a C Chord, but on the last line you go C/G/C, just like the last line of the verses, uhh if that makes sense lol, I can type it out if that sounds silly

Just keep playing C chord for this part too

Full tab will be up in the next day or 2, hope it helps
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