I just picked this one up from a friend for a bit, super awesome guitar. Its extremely punchy and plays great. I really wish Doug did a 7 string version as well but...you cant eat all the cake in life haha.

In case anyone is curious, the schaller-hannes bridge is very comfy, probably one of my all time favorite bridges and I'm glad they will be doing them in 7 and 8 string flavor now!

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Looks so raw Congratz on an awesome axe!

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^not at the moment
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
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Nice! Does the owner of BM even sell guitars anymore?

You send him a pic of your bum and if its cute enough he will let you buy one.
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Beautiful! I love Blackmachines.

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You need to take more/better pictures.

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You need to take more/better pictures.

Agreed specifically of that headstock. I love that headstock
that's also awesome. and the stool still is too
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Presumably because the CCF (Combined Corksniffing Forces) of MLP and Gibson forums would rise up against them, plunging the land into war.

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Et tu, br00tz?
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You need to take more/better pictures.

I know

All I have is a camera phone (using my brothers phone too lol) right now because I haven't been able to figure out what camera to buy.
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You have one of the last of a fine breed of guitars. HNGD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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You send him a pic of your bum and if its cute enough he will let you buy one.

I actually know a record store sort of like that...

My ass, unfortunately, is not cute.
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Super cool!
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