I’m checking out a band situation where there’s talk of getting rid of one of the guitar players. I’m not replacing him, I’m trying out as a bassist. It’s a new band and there’s some chaos, so I’m not too concerned. But I’m wondering is there any good way to get rid of a band member? I see advice on this forum but does anyone have any stories, the good, the bad, the ugly?
Explain to the person exactly why they're no longer wanted in the band. None of this pissy "send it by text" things.
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Grow some balls and.tell him he's fired. If you can't do that, then you're the one that needs to go.
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pretty much just tell them whts going on and why

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Well this is what we did with our drummer. First we told him that we are giving him 3 months to get better or we are going to replace him with another guy. And then after almost a year, when he still didnt get better, i called him up so he arrived at the practice space where we all told him that he is out of the band because he simply isnt good enough. Thats pretty much all, he took it pretty well, and im still good friends with him. So yeah, sit the guy down and explain to him why you dont want him anymore and that he is out.
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You haven't really given us much information, but it doesn't look like a very good situation. Are you saying that after you auditioned for the band they told you that they didn't like the guitarist and wanted to get rid of him? I suggest you forget about that band and look for a more established band. But if you do decide to stay with that band, and you want to get rid of a band member, firstly everyone must agree that you want to fire them from the band, the next step is to tell them that they're fired from the band. If you regularly see each other outside band practice, tell them in person, otherwise just phone them. If the guitar player your firing has anyone else's gear, you should tell them when you go to pick up your gear, not before, or they might not give you your stuff back.

Sorry, forgot about the story part: I've been fortunate enough never to have to fire someone from my band. But if you want a story, here's a brief story. I was in a cover band, one band member wanted to do originals, but we were quite content playing covers. He threatened to quit unless we became an originals band, so we became an originals band. We tried writing originals, but they weren't very good. The drummer said he didn't want to be in an originals band so he quit. Then everyone else quit (except the guy who wanted to do originals), and started a new band with the drummer. The guy who wanted to do originals could have joined the new band if he wanted, but he didn't want to, so we've replaced him and we're going to have our first rehearsal with the new guy tonight.
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I’m checking out a band situation where there’s talk of getting rid of one of the guitar players.
Go back it's a trap! You could be the next to go. Hired and fired in the span of a month. Start to worry in earnest, when they ask you to train your replacement, and set a white sheet for you out on the drummer's lawn.......
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We had our first practice last night and it went really well. They were really happy to to have a bassist. The guitarist that was being talked about wasn't there and it was supposed to be a try out for me without him. We focused on the songs by the guitarist who was there. The other guitarist wasn't told about this rehearsal but guess what? Three quarters of the way through he shows up to drop off some gear! He seemed cool we were practicing without him and, like I said, this is brand new band. We joked around a bit, introduced myself and he left. He said he'd be in for tomorrows rehearsal. I haven't played with him yet but he seemed nice enough. He's friends with the drummer but the guitarist doesn't like playing with him. I'll see how it goes tonight.
They organised an audition for a new bass player and didn't invite the guitarist? That's just disrespectful. You either fire the guitarist or not. You don't go organising rehearsals/auditions without telling someone and then later say 'oh, by the way, you're fired'. If I found out a band I was auditioning for had done that I wouldn't be interested in playing with them. You said the other guitarist seemed nice enough? Well the drummer and other guitarist don't appear to be very nice treating him that way.
Yeah, looking back on it, I would be mad if it happened to me. I can see how this would create bad blood. I don't know the dynamics of this band yet but it looks like they're still trying to figure it out themselves.
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I found out more of the band's dynamics. Turns out the guitarist being talked about is actually one of the founding members! He and the drummer have been playing together for years. The new guitarist who doesn't like him has a higher chance of being kicked out but he also plays very well, so I think for now we all have to get along. They're all good musicians, but everyone has to get used the song learning process which is where some of the friction is happening. The expectation is the player learning the song should be able to pick it up after few times. The reality is that the even though the songs are not complicated, they have different sections with transitions that throw everyone off and slows down learning them on the fly.
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And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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^^^ Mate just run. RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Too late. They just fired me. Probably for the best. This story had so many twists. They said I wasn't experienced or professional enough to learn the songs quickly. I showed up on time and learned most of the parts on two new songs they showed me for the first time which was last night. That means I went into the rehearsal with no preparation given me to learn two new songs on top of 5 songs I learned last week. I'm both relieved and pissed. Last night they (the drummer and guitarist) said they've been looking for the right people to play with for TWO years!

I think there was another reason, maybe I didn't gel or they had an uncertaintly about me they couldn't articulate. My playing was not bad and we had some good grooves going. There was also the possibility they felt uncomfortable I don't smoke weed, which two of them did during rehearsal. And they said I wasn't professional enough!

I love this story, I'm going to post it on another thread.
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They said you weren't professional enough? Perhaps you are better off without them.