I am think of taking the plunge and getting a 7 string.

I have about £500/$760

i play metal in the style of devildriver and killswitch, i would use it in BEADGBE

im open to any make model but would prefer fixed bridge and the best possible pickups for my money.

ive been looking at this one on ebay


and this one

Jackson SLS3
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rule number 1: NO ebay links.

however if i'm not mistaken you CAN say "take a look at item number ****" on ebay

but as 7 string guitars aren't my forte'

i can only suggest one's i've found on google/GAK

all of which are within budget and worth a look

Ibanez Iron Label RGIR27FE

ESP LTD EC-337 Active Stephen Carpenter Signature

Ibanez SIR27FD-IPT Iron Pewter

Ibanez RGD7421-BKF

Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist

Schecter C-7 Standard
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I've owned two 7 strings ( I had to sell one due to financial issues). I don't have anything specific in that price range try giving Schecter a look they have a lot of models. Make sure though that you do get a 7 string with active pickups, the seven string I sold had passive pickups which made the B string sound very dull. Also avoid getting a guitar with a large neck radius ( 14 and above) as the larger neck will already need time to get used to, getting a 7 string with a flatter radius will mean more distance between the strings making the transition harder.
That Caparison-style guitar is BEAUTIFUL. Mahogany can be of varying qualities so if you can test it out before-hand, definitely do that! Otherwise, yeah Schecter's 7-strings are good but a lot of people complain about thick necks, I'm never been a big fan of Ibanez necks because they're very thin.