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3 21%
7 50%
4 29%
Voters: 14.
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I think my inability to show any emotion besides slightly angry affected these preceedings.

EDIT: Got 43 on the other test.

I'm okay with this.
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28, not bad I guess.

But looking at the eyes makes me have second doubts, so I wonder if I chose the wrong option by going against my instinct and not choosing the first option that came to my head.
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Apparently I'm socially awkward, and autistic, this explains so much.

Hell with it, I can still out drink you normal bastards
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I found the women hardest to tell. This test knows me too well

28 too
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Got 27 for the intelligence test

I got 18 on the empathy test.....huh?
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11 in and i'm bored of it.
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26. I guessed a lot, some because I didn't know the English word. What does that make me?

a dirty foreigner

second test 40/80, but that one is really iffy.
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second one 18.

Apparently I'm autistic?
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32, not bad. I found it very hard though, so near the end I just went with my gut feeling rather than contemplating each answer.

So if I score high on the first test and very low on the second is that cognitive or affective?

Gut feeling is king. Being able to read faces in conversation is like being able to read minds.
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31 on the eye thing, can't be bothered with the other one.

Also, what the hell is "aghast"?
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Also, what the hell is "aghast"?

Shocked/Terrified/Horrified. That sort of thing.
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Your score on this test was 35 out of 36.

I was hoping for something high because I've done something similar once before and did well on that too, that was whole faces though...

Now I want to know which one I got wrong

EDIT: empathy quotient is 50. I think I'm quite perceptive but lose points for not always caring enough to be nice about it.

e.g. "I am quick to spot when someone in a group is feeling awkward or uncomfortable." - definitely yes, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try and get them involved.
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25/36 on the faces.

EQ was 11. I recognised some of those questions from having taken the AQ test by the way.
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25/36 on the faces.

EQ was 11. I recognised some of those questions from having taken the AQ test by the way.

Yeah, both tests are based upon Simon Baron-Cohen's work, and he's a leading researcher into autism.
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