I was wondering what that effect was right at the start of the song, ([forbidden link].
The band mention they use BOSS-DD20/ Digitech Timebender, although I'm not sure if these pedals will give of the 'staccato' effect that the actual recording has? Thanks!
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that's a square wave tremolo.

Yep. You won't get that with a Timebender/DD-20 mate.
Ah thanks! Could you give me a few examples of the pedals (sort of below £100 that could give off this effect?
Boss TR-2 is a cheap but effective pedal. Does have a bit of volume drop though. The EHX Stereo Pulsar may work, but I don't know if it does square wave. The Voodoo Labs Tremolo would also do the job.
EQD hummingbird is exactly what you want. http://proguitarshop.com/earthquaker-devices-hummingbird-repeat-percussions.html

or a catalinbread semaphore v1 if you can find one used.

edit: PGS is sold out, but prymaxe has the hummingbird. under 100 quid and free postage.

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