Hi guys,

Quick question, i've been string bending a long time but i'm starting to get more anal about my playing and I don't want to hear ANY noise when string bending. The strings are all muted correctly no "notes" sound out. I mute lower strings with palm and upper strings with first finger laid accross them.

However I still kind of get mechanical noise when bending... kind of like when you palm mute (a hard palm mute and it's like a muted thud kind of thing no note just more of a mechanical noise) a string and hit it with your plectrum... like a "dunk" sound especially after adding vibrato to the bend and releasing it.

I've tried to palm mute harder etc. but nothing gets rid of it... if this a normal part of bending? am I being too anal?

Happens only on the high E really beyond 12th fret. I think it happens when the B string pops out from underneath my first finger... because I tend to bend and have my first finger slightly above the 2nd and 3rd to mute the strings. My action is too low for it to be pushed against my finger so it always slides underneath my first. Obviously in a band or music scenario you wont hear this, but I'm sat in front of my amp listening for every little noise lol
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In high gain applications, there is little you can do without hardware to mute all noise. If you are playing with no distortion, then be more careful and use other fingers to mute strings.
There's a couple of tricks I do when I play. The first one is to bend string with my middle finger, so my index finger on my left hand stays free for muting all strings. I put index finger across all strings like when I play barre chords, but I don't press them, I just mute them.

You can also bend a string with more than one finger. Just spread you fingers across the fretboard and you won't have to bend so hard with one finger, because all of your fingers will be stretching the string.
But really, for muting the B one obviously needs to apply the tip of one's index finger.
For further muting, let's say, the G, I recommend using your picking hand to mute.