Finished making three songs as part of a senior project! Been playing three and a half years and seriously enjoy some stoner and hark rock tracks. Give it a listen and feel free to comment. Keep in mind this was recorded on Garageband on the iPad with a Tascam iXZ input.

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you should work on the lead parts a bit more i think

but the riffs are pretty badass
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You should remix it so all of the different tracks can be heard. Maybe change your dist. settings on the lead and the rhythm, they just kind of pool in together and are hard to distinguish.
thanks! the only reason it sounds kinda muddy at parts is cuz of the crappy recording software/bad preamp. I'll work on more recordings once my wrists heal i have some pretty bad tendonitis from playing/ lifting.
First of all, thank you for your detailed comments on my song!

I like the "fat" tone of your guitar. It still needs a driving bass though. I agree with bigblockelectra - your mix is a little bit unclear but this is because of the bad software or the audio card you use (I have the same problem). Forgetting about those purely technical problems, your track is great! I was headbanging in my chair after less than minute It reminds me of Karma To Burn without sounding like a bad copy of their style. A wild drummer will make it even better. Wish you luck finding suitable guys to jam with! My favourite part is when the lead guitar kicks in at 02:29 - short but very, very nice and driving solo. The parts with strumming with the clean guitar are also very ingenious, especially for this style.
Pretty good. I really like some of the riifs. Really heavy and driving sounding throughout. The lead parts could definitely do with more work. Better mixing and recording quality would make it sound great especially with respect to instruments having more of their own space.
Some very nice, sludgy riffs - sounds like The Sword! The drumkit feels a bit quiet, but that might be my crap speakers. Otherwise this is awesome!
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This is great stuff! I loved it, so if I may add a few suggestions:

Turn up the drums a bit: The bass drum comes through nice and punchy, but the snare is a little lackluster, and some other drums are hard to distinguish. I think you can mess with this in the mix, maybe just bring some of the parts up a bit, and you'd be good.

Separate some of the parts in stereo more: I think if you shift the rhythm tracks a little farther apart, they'll be more distinguishable, but again, it's hard to tell. I think in music like this, it'd be really cool to bring the lead guitar from left to right as it is added in, hendrix-style. (2:10~ in 'All along the Watchtower' for an example)

Add in a driving bass: the rhythm section in this is great, but I think a driving bass part would ramp would amp up the intensity of this a bit more. I think around 0:50~ would be an okay place for an addition, because the track seems to stall slightly with only the rhythm guitar driving it there.

I realllllyyy liked the tone of that semi-cleanish guitar part, that was amazing, and the fuzz was pretty good also. The intro did a great job of building up, and the end a great drop of concluding; I think the only parts that could be greatly improved would be a few in the middle, like I mentioned. Keep up the awesome work!
Typing as I listen:
Sluggish is right! Very fast paced sorta sabbath thing going on. I think you should raise the drum level as it gets buried by the guitars. The riffs are very heavy rock, I like that about it. Good leads too! I like the part around the middle, everything is rockin. I can't say its the greatest recording quality I've ever heard obviously lol but its a good demo sounding thing. The riffs also remind me a bit of early Metallica!

I LIKE SONG! Some great riffs, Just work on the mix a bit to get it to sound like it wants to melt my face right off.

I think if you did the drums right, it would make the whole song sound a million times better, and maybe even the guitars volumes out a liiiiittle bit, the lead seems to dominate a bit too much.

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This is awesome! Love the dirty uptempo thing it has going on.
The lead at 30 secs could be a little more on the background, but after that I really started loving it.
The weird chord thing in the middle there made a very cool transition to the awesome riff that starts in about 2.10, love the lead that follows up, though I'dd turn that down a little bit to.
And I really love when that juicy and catchy "chorus" riff kicks in again after that!

And, oh yeah, what everyone else says: Make the drums more powefull.
Other then that: Awesome song!