I am selling an amazing Suhr Archtop (yes its an archtop, look at the order form) with an extremely low serial number. The guitar itself is in near-mint condition and built partially by John Suhr himself, if you do not believe me here is a quote from him on TGP speaking about the guitar:

Being a low serial number I probably stained & painted it might have sanded the body and might have done fret installation and truing the board and or neck shaping and sanding. I could have easily done 80% of the work back then. Kenny Gin (Ex Master Builder from FCS) probably did final assembly.

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I have many many references selling online, and pack extremely well. I have shipped to the US countless times as well as Europe a few times.

Anyways, here's what I know you all really wanted to see


Again, this guitar sounds and plays extremely well, you will not believe how much better it looks than in my bad cellphone pictures!

It sounds just like a regular archtop but a lot less feedback prone.

I always wash my hands before playing and this guitar has been kept in a smoke-free, pet-free and child-free home!!!

Feel free to email me at: stealth_tastic@hotmail.com

Price is $4800 OBO! Again, you will not find an Archtop Suhr in near mint condition like this that was worked on John Suhr himself. Its like owning a guitar built by Leo Fender!!! The only reason I am selling it is because I am a metalhead and have no business owning an awesome archtop.
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