Everybody likes free shit, right? The entire first album from my project, AtteroTerra, is up for download, completely FREE. No mailing list sign-up, no captchas, no bullshit.

Death/Thrash Metal - 13 Tracks - 58 Minutes. All self-produced/performed/recorded.


I'd love to hear what you all think.

If you don't feel like downloading you can stream the entire album on YouTube:

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My project's sophomore album, Pray for Apocalypse, is fully recorded and currently in the mixing/mastering stage. Album is due out in April. Here is a pre-mix/pre-re-amping clip:


Decided to go with a professional for mixing and mastering this time, so naturally the fund-raising has begun over at http://www.gofundme.com/pay-for-apocalypse. Video features clips of advanced mix.

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Attempting to fund this album one more time, since it's already done and just waiting to be paid for so I can release it.