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After the purchase of the Jackson DK2M fell through I found one of these on eBay and it intrigued me. I have read lots of reviews on it and most of them are shinning.

what opimions do you guys have.

My main question is does the Buzz feitin tunning system realy help and does it effect my day to day tunning. I have read that you have to tuning abit different like using different frets. you are meant to tunning to the high E string

any advice or opinions welcome

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i tried the (korean-made) one with duncans (which i'm assuming is the same thing apart from the pickups) and it seemed pretty nice. if you can get one cheap enough, and don't mind the dodgy headstock design, it's a nice guitar.

i'm not sure about the feiten thing. it may affect everyday tuning, I dunno.
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I've got an X-50 Pro, which is the same as the FE but with Duncans. I put EMGs in, so I guess minus the flamed top it's the same thing. It's held up well for 8 years now. The tuning system is just a way to keep the notes in tune on the entire neck. I've always just tuned how I normally do and I've never had any problems. From years of FR experience I always cross tune it.
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I've got a Pro FE and I've had it for a long time. Around 3 years. It used to be my main guitar for about a year of that and while it was it was a joy to play. Mine was a korean one with EMG's if I'm not mistaken and yeah, its a very nice guitar. Definately better than alot of the guitars in the £450+ price range.

Also the guitar holds its tuning extremely well. I remember leaving mine in our bands practise room for around a week when the weather fluctuated quite bad from very cold to sunny and it was still in-tune. I was stunned when I played it.
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Hi its funny you should say you tried to get a jackson dk2m- I had that guitar before and I liked it but it had a lot of problems:
It completely broke after a year and a half (only gigged once and well maintaned). The jackson own brand floyd was bad and died after 6 months, and the neck warped terribly. The tone and neck were nice tough- the guitar gets great reviews but a high number of complaints (like myself with the floyd and warpage-the quality control is bad so if you get a bad one like I did it sucks).

I now own the washburn x50 pro after trading my dk2m. I have the seymour duncan version in quilted maple blue and its great. I don't really know what the buzz feinten tuning system does- I tune and use the guitar exactly like I use a regular, I don't really notice a difference but the guitar stays in tune well- this might be becuase it has pretty good (but non locking) machine heads.
The neck is the winner though it is deep set and the heal cut off (so it basically feels exactly like a neck through) and is very slim (not as much as my jackson dkem- more like a soloist) and wide. Sweep picking and shredding are a breeze. I play a lot of Jason Becker, Chris Broderick, and Mart Friedman stuff with ease- its great for heavier stuff too like Meshuggah, whitechapel, periphery if you down tune it.
Build quality is flawless- it is made in korea and perfect. I did have to lower the action slightly-it wansn't high but I like mine super low (but thats just a 1/4 turn of truss rod and its perfect).

Sound wise I love it but the EMG model will obviously be different- I'm a metal head too but I like the option of coil tapped duncans to swap between metal and melower tones- it's nice that I can also get strat and lp tones on a guitar that plays like a soloist.

The only thing I dislike is the headstock- its pretty ugly but apart from that it is identical in look and feel to a ESP LTD H1001 or Schecter hellraier at 3 times the price. They are probably made in the same factory as well.
I picked mine up for £250 new in November 2011 so there is some bargains to be found.
This is such an under rated guitar!
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I tried one of these quite a while ago. I actually remember it as a really good guitar in that price range! Well built, easy to play and good sounding. If I remember correctly there is one with EMGs and one with Duncans. I am pretty sure I tried one with Duncans, and that was great! I am not too much into EMGs myself.