Versatile vocalist seeking some online collaboration/band projects. I can sing as well as growl/scream, and my ideal project would be melodic death metal along the lines of Scar Symmetry and other Christian Älvestam projects. A Lamb of God styled project would also be great.

I am also open to other genres. I am able to sing pop, rock, punk, country, and various others.

Here are a variety of samples that illustrate what I can do:

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/ghost-walking - This is a cover I did of Ghost Walking by Lamb of God.

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/makes-me-wonder - A cover I did of Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

https://soundcloud.com/coreyculler/simple-man - A cover I did of Shinedown's version of Simple Man

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBIJ5bkZVg4 - A cover I did of The Illusionist by Scar Symmetry

If anyone is interested feel free to respond in this post or PM me. Thanks in advance.
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I'm a music producer and guitarist, I can record pretty much everything on my own (bass, drums, etc.), my style is more of a thrash/groove/progressive thing, if you're interested in doing raspy/clean vocals (even though the occasional guttural is cool) we can work together.

you can check some (samples) of my work at my soundcloud page: