Gutted to hear this news today

It's a shame all the bullshit with the band happened recently and with his skin disease that he wasn't able to go out banging like you'd expect from a member of Slayer.

RIP Jeff Hanneman!
I don't know why this wasn't posted in the news section already...
I was really upset at the news. I thought it sounded like he was getting better and that he would make a full recovery. It's a real shame.
RIP Jeff, saw you a few years back with Slayer. This is a sad ****ing day for metal, actually made my eyes water...
Heh... I guess it's a dire situation when it looks like a musician is actually going to recover from a life-threatening condition...

First Chi, and now Jeff, and now I'm bummed.

RIP, Jeff. At least now you won't have to put up with Kerry King.
Quote by B.A.T.
I don't know why this wasn't posted in the news section already...

I'm surprised you are surprised. It'll probably be on there next week.
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i wasn't a huge fan of slayer but god damn could he play.
rest in peace.
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I NEVER get sad, upset, etc when I hear about the deaths of people I didn't know personally. This is one different. I am actually really bummed. I have listened to Slayer since I was 13...Now I'm 35. Seasons was the first Slayer album I heard. Jeff is one of the main reasons I ever picked up the guitar. RIP Jeff.. You were Slayer...You wrote all the cool shit people like! Kerry was more popular for whatever reason but we true Slayer fans know you were the band!
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Just sucks that he seemed to be doing so well, exact same situation with Chi Cheng. Even though people ragged on him a bunch, we lost a legend today, RIP \m/
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As much as I can't stand slayer (basically because Kerry King is a dick and not a great guitar player) this sucks a huge amount. RIP.
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Rip Jeff.Im shocked.I know it was very serious at the time it happend but i thought he was on to the road to recovery and it was just a matter of time.Kerry King youre behaviour and attitude toward Jeff lately has been disgusting.Clearly wasnt intrested in keeping in touch with Jeff and now its far too late.
How sad. I'm not a metal fan but there's no question that he was a master musician and guitarist, and it's a real loss. My sympathies and thoughts go out to his fans.
That's gnarly. Those guys must be so sad. I never got to see them live either. RIP a metal legend.