Hey guys!

I decided to take apart my first electric and build it into something that fits my current style. The guitar is a Yamaha RBX 121 (it is basically a super strat shape). I bought it in my metal days, but now am into more alt. country/folk. I am putting new pickups, pots, tuners, etc.

I had a few questions:

1.) It has a strat style tremelo on it. Is it easier to fill that hole if I don't want it or just leave it as that type of tremelo

2.) I have stripped off all of the paint, but there is a silver coating over the wood, like a primer. Is it ok to leave that?

3.) I wana take the top horn right down and make it more like a tele. Anything I should know about doing that?
1) It's easier to just tighten down the trem springs and just not use it.

2) It depends on what kind of primer they used, and what you are painting over it. Just do a test spray with some paint and see if the paint melts the primer.

3) That's gonna be one funny looking tele.
Quote by W4RP1G

3) That's gonna be one funny looking tele.

So thinking about it, maybe ill just bring the horn down...and not make a tele