when I do guitar refinishing, I like to put my trademark somewhere on the guitar. I usually do this by masking off the area, printing out the logo, and transferring it to the masking tape through graphite, before cutting it out and spraying over it with an airbrush. However, a lot of the time, this can turn up some rather messy results, and the process is quite fiddly on its own.

I've heard that some guitar companies use a transfer of sorts when putting their logos on the headstocks of guitars. Can you actually buy this sort of transfer paper/sticker?

I've heard t-shirt transfer paper is pretty useful and can be used through a home printer, to print your design straight onto it. However, my logo sometimes has to be done in white (over a black guitar for example). Since typical printers only print in cyan, magenta, yellow and black, this is obviously not possible with a home printer. Is there any suggestions people can give me on any of these points?

EDIT: after doing a quick bit of research, I came across waterslide paper, which seems to be the most recommended stuff for transfers and decals. People also way that, without a specialist printer, getting a white waterslide will require using white waterslide paper cut precisely and then transferred. This is the best I have so far. Any other suggestions are still welcome
You can get waterslide transfer paper for inkjet and laserjet printers but, as you have noted, printers generally can't print in white.
This page has some thoughts on how you might get around this.
I guess some things may be more suitable than others, depending upon how intricate your logo is.

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