ok so, i am taking my first steps in the home recording world.

My amp is a Vox VT40+
nothing fancy, a hybrid tube modeling amp. Its record out is through the headphones jack, so according to vox its a aux stereo signal.

I got myself an aux cable with a ⅛” Stereo jack and 2 ¼” Mono jacks.

How should i use this with my tascam us-144mkII?
it has 2 line in's one left, one right/guitar in.

Do i just plug the right (ring/orange) mono cable in the guitar in? or should i plug the left (tip, grey) cable in the left in as well?

you don't need to plug in both as long as you don't want to use some fancy stereo effects.

keep in mind that the output of the record out is basically on line level, so leave the gain switch on mic/line
My first question is why do you want to do this?

Honestly you'll probably be better of DI-ing guitar and using amp sims. If you really want to use your amp sound then why not just mic the amp up?
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Agree with the comment about micing the amp up for best results, but the headphone output on the VT amps simulates the speaker cabinet so the results will still be OK. If you have the sound you want from your amp, why try recreating it elsewhere?
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